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Carolyn Stewart's Totally Hot NI

Carolyn Stewart, originally from North Belfast, is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular and well known radio presenters and club DJs.

Introducing Totally Hot …From the kitchen of Carolyn Stewart comes a range of  caribbean pickles  made right here in Northern Ireland.

“I first enjoyed Caribbean pickles during a visit to Jamaica in 1991 but couldn’t find these on my return home. Pickling, of course, has long been a feature of Caribbean cuisine because it was how food was preserved before the development of refrigeration.”

“I loved the flavours and decided to see if I could create my own version of the Caribbean pickle. I found that family and friends who experienced my version genuinely enjoyed them and encouraged me to think about commercialising the pickles. I subsequently visited Jamaica again to find out more about ingredients and the whole pickling process,”

FRESH: Local Produce, Peppers, onions, carrots, garlic and scotch bonnets sliced and marinated in cider vinegar

HEALTHY: Once the fresh ingredients are chopped they are cooked in cider vinegar – this was used as a way of keeping the food from spoiling in the days of no refrigeration.  Today we all know the benefits of cider vinegar

TASTY: Try the pickle with: Grilled Fish, Chicken Wraps or spice up your cheeseboard.

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