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RJP Turning Hand Turned Single Honey Dipper

£4.99 GBP
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Add a very useful addition to your kitchen with a honey dipper 

With a gently curved shape and perfect size for jars, these dippers are handcrafted from beechwood.

Each product has its own beauty, thanks to the knots and the natural imperfections of the solid wood grain. The image shows an example of the product you will receive. 
You will receive one honey dipper. 

Good to know
The purpose of a honey dipper is to get honey out of a jar without making a sticky mess. The honey sticks in the groves of the dipper, so it won't drip the way it does when you use a spoon.

To use a honey dipper it is best to place it into your jar of honey and move it up and down. The honey will sit on the groves of the dipper and fall off very slowly. Move the stick over to your item you want to put the honey on and then turn it 90 degrees so the stick is parallel to the table. The honey will flow out of the slots and onto your treat.

Warming up the honey would help it flow more freely off the dipper.


 Approx 5.5" in length