Bán íon Chocolate + Vanilla Cold Process Soap

Bán íon


This organic, vegan, soap bar is a must for all chocolate lovers! Fun for kids(of all ages) as it is topped with organic carob powder, encouraging extra hand washing until the topping is removed. Each use releases the wonderfully warm & welcoming aroma of sweet orange & vanilla. ( Chocolate Orange Fan Alert) Using an exotic blend of organic oils, butters and vegan Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake Stout from our local Mourne Mountains Brewery in Co. Down, N. Ireland. A fun gift with all of the sumptuous natural goodness that Bán íon plant based bars are renowned for.

Please note colours may vary. Each handmade batch takes on it own unique colour ranging from caramel to dark chocolate colour.

All soaps are packed in an eco friendly bag. When wet and full of soap they make a creamy foam for washing with and act as a very gentle exfoliator. Save the last bits of soap in the eco friendly bag and continue to use in the shower. Team up with our coconut fibre soap saver rest and now you don't have to waste even one little bit of your handmade soap.

Net Weight 100g (min)

Sodium Olivate ( Organic Olive Oil)
Sodium Cocoate ( Organic Coconut Butter)
Sodium Shea Butterate ( Organic Shea Butter)
Sodium Castorate ( Organic Castor Oil)
Sodium Almondate ( Organic Sweet Almond Oil)
Sodium Jojobate ( Organic jojoba Oil)
Vegan Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake Stout ( Mourne Mountains Brewery Co. Down)
Ceratonia siliqua ( Organic Vegan Carob powder)
Vanilla Panifolia Powder ( Organic Vegan Vanilla pod powder)
Vanilla Panifolia Oil & Heliantus Annus Seed Oil ( Organic Vanilla Essential Oil)
Citrus Sinensis ( Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil)
Pure Vitamin E
*Citral *Linalool*Limonene (*naturally occurs in essential oil)