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Rock a Doodle Do Banshee Hot Sauce

Rock A Doodle Do


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 Banshee hot sauce – wing sauce with cayenne & carolina reaper (xxhot)

Heat level – 7/10


Our banshee hot sauce has a delicious, louisiana style flavour that combines the cayenne chilli with the carolina reaper chilli to create a hot and spicy sauce that works on most dishes!

Melt butter through it for an screamingly hot buffalo wing sauce!

The Banshee - Irish Folklore and Myth 

Banshee (Bean-Sidhe) means ‘Faerie woman’.  A Banshee is known in Ireland as a female spirit who wails outside a home to warn of the imminent death of a family member.  Often heard before she is seen, her wailing is so high-pitched that nobody would dare willingly attempt to witness this terrifying spirit.

In Ireland, the Banshee does not bring or cause death. The ghost warns loved ones that death is near, giving the family a chance to prepare. Some myths say she acts as an escort to ensure that their loved one passes safely to the other side.