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Causeway Coffee Nabla

$10.18 USD

Nábla (Pronounced: Naw-blah)

This is our smooth blend of Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America. It has a sultry smoky first impression with a gentle acidity cutting through and a subtle hint of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel

Great as an all round coffee as either an espresso or as an Americano, Flat White, Latte or Cappuccino. We recommend buying wholebean coffee so that you can grind your coffee freshly as you need it. If you prefer we can grind your coffee beans for you. Just select from the pull down menu above and we'll get your coffee on it's way to you.

Nábla is a Gaelic version of an Anglo-Norman name still common among some Donegal families. The name is believed to be derived from Annabelle influenced by the ancient Greek name Anna meaning graceful. This coffee is as smooth and graceful as Nábla suggests.