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Causeway Coffee Oonagh

$9.33 USD

Oonagh (Pronounced: Oo-nah)

Grind: Cafetiere/French Press or Wholebean available

200g Bag

Welcome to our latest and very special dark roast.

This coffee is a delicious blend of coffee beans from Columbia and Central America resulting in a taste profile of rich, velvety dark chocolate with hazelnuts and pecans. 

We love the rich, sumptuous profile of this coffee. Definitely a coffee to look forward too. 

We've named this coffee after Oonagh the wife of Fionn MacCool. According to the legend it was Oonagh that came up with the idea of hiding her giant husband in a massive cradle and thus saving him from the even bigger Scottish giant Angus Benandonner for whom the causeway was bulit. Make our Oonagh your secret pleasure!

Dark Roast

Bean type- Columbia, Catuai, Catura, Bourbon, Castillo

Countries- Columbia- Medellin, Antioquia

                  C. America- Jinotega, Nicaragua, Lempira, Honduras

Harvest- May to December

Preparation- Washed

Altitude- 900-1,700 masl