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Causeway Coffee Tuiren

$10.10 USD

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Tuiren (Pronounced: Tir-en)

Welcome to our brand new coffee and the latest coffee to make it into our roasting schedule. 

In the spirit of naming our coffee using ancient Irish woman's names based around Irish legends such as Finn McCool we've named this one Tuiren. Although Tuiren was a respected warrior in her own right known for her grace and beauty her other claims to fame were being turned into a wolfhound by her jealous husband and for being Finn McCool's aunt. 

We came across this taste profile by accident on the journey for a much different roast. But, once our small tasting panel tasted it, it was a resounding 'that's it' quickly followed by 'it's like a bowl of chocolate'. This is the tasting panel that allowed us to win the Gold trophy at the last 3 Irish Food and Drink Awards so we take their opinion seriously.  

Of course the official tasting notes are :-'Tastes of chocolate with a syrupy body and a long nutty finish'

Although the legend who was Tuiren clearly had a lot going on we're thinking of grace and beauty when drinking this sumptuous chocolatey coffee. We hope you agree.