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ewe (Heading Home) printed on Irish Linen

Lucy Turner Original Print


Artwork inspired by travel through Glens of Antrim heading home capturing the ewe, singleness in a flock of many. 

 The image is cut directly into a salvaged black or white floor tile from the recent refurbishment of the great hall at Mount Stewart, and printed onto Irish linen.

Image size 330x330mm.

I use neutral shades of Irish linen. The oil based ink adds richness and depth the hue blue-black. Each print is titles and signed in pencil.

Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of Lino is used for the relief surface. A design is cut into the Lino surface with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or U shaped gouge, with the raised (uncarved) areas representing a reversal (mirror image).  The Lino is inked with a roller, and then impressed onto fabric or paper by hand. I tend to work intuitively drawing with pencil cutting with speed ideally finishing in one session; giving energy and vibrancy to each illustration. The lino is recycled (black and white floor tiles chequer style) salvaged from the floor of the great hall at Mount Stewart during their refurbishment