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Portstewart Barmouth ‘55°10'16.6"N 6°46'18.9"W

Conor Edgell


Portstewart Barmouth

Co-ordinates Series ‘55°10'16.6"N 6°46'18.9"W

Printed on Fujifilm professional pearl 320gsm has a smooth surface structure with the unique pearl-coating. This natural white paper - is free of OBA's and reminds of a natural white baryta paper.

Due to the size prints will be rolled in a heavy tube.



21.0 x 29.7cm

33 x 48 cm



Artists Description

'The Barmouth is located on Portstewart’s Strand, Shows a small structure at the end of the pier highlighted by the setting sun. Portstewart can be seen in the to the right of the image cast under a dramatic sunset that looked like the sky was on fire in contrast with the calm of the sea.'