Sea Secrets Seaglass Stud Earrings

Sea Secrets

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Sterling silver and Ballycastle sea glass stud earrings.

  1. Emerald green
  2. Dark Green
  3. Aqua


Each pair is boxed
Sea Secrets jewellery is a Grandma’s Spoons’ product.
Sea Secrets jewellery is created using sea glass from Ballycastle beach and sterling silver wire. Necklaces are on sterling silver chains and all earrings have sterling silver fittings.  Ballycastle had a glass factory from 1755 to 1780 so the piece of glass in your jewellery may have come from there, or it may be a piece of glass from halfway across the world, carried here on ocean waves and polished by a million grains of sand.
All profits from Sea Secrets are donated to the charity Open Doors UK and Ireland.
All jewellery is boxed. Sea Secrets is a Grandma’s Spoons product.