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Wood Turned Taisie Bird - Flown the Nest

$63.98 USD

Wooden Taisie Bird's turned from Laburnum & Hawthorn, sitting on a base made from Yew Wood . 
We've named this piece 'Flown the Nest'.

Max Width approx. 17cm.

Complete Piece Height approx. 18m 

These birds commonly called 'Robins', although we think some resemble sparrows, wrens, blue tits, depending on the beauty of the natural grain within each piece of wood.  This makes every bird unique, and gives each one has it's own unique personality. 
Each piece is turned individually, trying to make the best use of the particular piece of timber it is carved from, thereby making each piece unique. 

The bird you receive will be the exact bird displayed, each are one of a kind.