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Fosters Chocolates

In 1989 Norman Foster (a confectionery wholesaler) grew tired of selling other manufacturers’ confectionery lines. So he decided to investigate the possibility of
setting up his own chocolate business.

Norman and his wife Sandra spent time coming up with a delicious recipe, and sourced ingredients and equipment from all over the world. Only when the recipe was right, did the business open on 12th February 1990.

Norman wanted to create quality chocolate lines to target the top end of the market. Therefore he set about creating unique chocolate lines such as boat shaped chocolate bars containing toasted peanuts, which were aptly named “MONKEY BARS”. Fosters soon became renowned for their Monkey Bars and went on to make more boat shaped bars with Honeycomb Pieces, Marshmallow, Rice Krispie and Chopped Hazelnut. People were and still are attracted to these unusual boat shaped bars.

Then came a children’s range of chocolate animal shapes such as Monkeys, Pigs and Lions etc etc. These became very popular and still remain their best selling lines.

Deliciously luxurious chocolate bars were then created and include varieties such as Strawberry Crème, Orange Crème, Honeycomb and Dark Chocolate with Ginger Pieces.

With the main lines established, Fosters began to create seasonal lines for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Fosters are now one of the main established chocolate manufacturers in Northern Ireland, and are very well known for their high quality, exciting and unique Irish Hand Crafted chocolate products.

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