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The cooler temperatures at night and refreshing crisp early morning air is invigorating after the hot summer we had this year. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down, get cozy, and cultivate the hygge mindset.

Hygge – is a Danish/Norwegian word that isn’t always easy to describe. Mainly because hygge is more of an atmosphere or feeling than a thing.

It’s a coziness feeling. A friendliness or fellowship feeling.  It’s a feeling of contentment and wellbeing that comes from being present and enjoying the moment with friends and family.

You know that feeling when you’re settling in with a warm drink to catch up with a friend?  No distractions. No looking at phones or tv. Just sitting and chatting and enjoying each others company. That’s hygge.

If you want to embrace the Hygge life this Fall,  we've highlighted some simple products to help get you into that frame of mind. 

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