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Broughgammon: Showcasing NI Producers Cookbook

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This book will take you on a gastronomic journey of discovery as you explore Broughgammon’s produce through the eyes of NI’s culinary masterminds and other artisan producers. Compiled within is a variety of mouthwatering recipes to guide you through their sustainable and seasonal product range, including Free Range Rose Veal, Cabrito (Kid Goat Meat), Wild Game and Hand-Harvested Irish Seaweeds. It truly is a book to tantalise your taste buds, and to serenade your senses.

We at Broughgammon Farm hope you enjoy it.

It was perfectly summarised in The Sunday Times’ article ‘Words Good Enough to Eat’ by Kathy McGuinness then here’s her review:

The Cole family of Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, is at the forefront of  the Northern Irish food revolution, producing cabrito (goat) and rose veal on their farm, and harvesting seaweed from the coast. This is their cookbook, featuring recipes from some of their customers, including the best chefs and restaurants in the Provence. From lazy seaweed bread, to BBQ cabrito ribs, this is accessible cooking with a very distinctive sense of place.

Kathy McGuinness, The Sunday Times, 07/12/14

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“Too good, too strange, too cutting-edge to be true.” Sally McKenna