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Garden Apothecary: Transform Flowers, Weeds and Plants into Healing Remedies

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The Garden Apothecary shows us how to harvest and use commonly found plants, weeds and herbs to create our own healing home apothecaries.

With tasty recipes, wild skincare, in-depth plant spotlights and a back-to-roots ethos, The Garden Apothecary will encourage the reader to become more connected to the natural world through learning the art of herbalism from plants growing in our gardens.

Focusing on 20 herbs and plants, learn how to identify, grow and pick them from your garden or forage them, as well as discovering their medicinal properties. Each plant spotlight includes in depth information on how to use it in a multitude of recipes and remedies.

The Garden Apothecary is a safe and mindful approach to the often overwhelming world of foraging and herbalism.


Autor: Becky Cole, of Broughgammon Farm

 About Becky Cole

Becky Cole is a gardener, herbalist and forager based on a small sustainable farm on the wild North Coast of Ireland. She spends her time tending to her edible garden, baking seasonal cakes and creating beautiful herbal recipes in her cottage kitchen. A slow and simple living advocate, she podcasts over at Nature & Nourish on iTunes and teaches workshops on her farm.