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Wooden Dog Signs - Various Dog Breeds

£6.99 GBP
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This is a wooden sign measures approximately 10cm by 13.5cm. The image is decoupaged unto wood and there is a flax string attached for hanging.

The image used is taken from an original hand painted artwork produced on reclaimed wood boards with Acrylic paint.  You can see the lines on the image where the boards meet, this together with the grain of the wood gives the image a rustic feel.

Breeds Available

Schnauzer - friendly, fearless, loving, intelligent, obedient.

Spaniel - playful, friendly, active, loyal, affectionate.

Collie - Friendly, loyal, gentle, intelligent, sensitive, active

German Shepherd - loyal, obedient, intelligent, courageous.

Husky - free spirited, good natured playful, friendly, gentle.

Westie - small but larger than life.

Jack Russell - playful, fearless, loyal, intelligent, energetic.

Shih Tzu - Devoted Companionm Clever, Affectionate, Gentle.