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Sea Sugar Lemon & Elderflower Sweets

$5.17 USD

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One of our most popular varieties. A beautifully fresh and refreshing sweet flavoured with tangy lemon backed up with a soft and unusual elderflower flavour. Reminiscent of summer days with a cold glass of elderflower cordial full of ice and lemon.

Great Taste Winner 2017 so here's what the judges said: 'What a different and unusual taste' 'How nice to have an elderflower sweet' 'The flavour continues all the way through to the finish, refreshing and vibrant' 'A balance of lemon and elderflower - backed up with a sweet but not artificially sweet layer' 'Good sugar work and refreshing on the breath too'

Finalist in the Irish Food Awards ( Blas na hEireann) 2018

Award Winner: Great Taste 2017 - One Gold Star